The Blues Gardeners

The Blues Gardeners are a group of decicated blues dancers and friends, who in the fall of 2013 decided to try organizing a workshop. As it turns out, we had so much fun that we simply had to do it again. Our meetings tend to start with group hugs, continue with fika and lengthy discussions, and end with blues dancing in someone’s living room (or kitchen).

Blues gardeners group picture

Göteborg blues dance scene

The blues dancing community in Göteborg is a small but healthy. Every other week, around 30 dancers show up for the Tuesday is Bluesday dance. These events are not run by anyone in particular: anyone who wishes to help is welcome to stop by early and prepare fika or carry tables and chairs, and anyone who wants to is encouraged to try out their skills as a blues DJ. Now and then we also organize dance nights on a Friday or Saturday night, sometimes with live acts.

We are a part of the swing dance society West Coast Jitterbugs.

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