Registration status

See you another year! The following information is from the blues garden 2017.

Ticket prices 2017

full passslacker trackparty pass
1150 SEK750 SEK400 SEK
3 parties3 parties3 parties
6,25 hours of classes2,5 hours of classes-
Blues TalkBlues Talk-

Support a friend

We want as many dancers as possible to be able to attend classes at The Blues Garden, no matter their financial situation. Therefore, if your economy is strained you can choose to pay 300 SEK less than the regular registration fee.

Should you feel economically comfortable, you can choose to pay 100 or 300 SEK extra. This will help a fellow dancer who would otherwise not be able to attend the event.

No beginners’ classes

The Blues Garden does not offer classes at beginner level. To attend classes, you need to be a trained blues dancer. Our format doesn’t work for beginner blues dancers, unfortunately. The Blues Garden workshop participants are good dancers that attend classes and social dance regularly. We will not hold auditions, nor test your skills or your knowledge, it is up to you. Will you feel comfortable taking classes with people of mixed and diverse skill levels and will they feel comfortable in class with you?

Dance roles

We believe in encouraging dancers to try out both dance roles. Therefore you will be asked in every class whether you want to follow or lead during that particular hour. But to ensure a good lead/follow balance during the evening parties, we will ask during registration whether you intend to mostly lead, mostly follow or dance both roles equally when you social dance.

We will admit participants in the order we received their registration, while ensuring a good lead-follow balance on the social dance floor.


We do not have special rules to admit couples or other kinds of groups. If you want to attend The Blues Garden together with a partner, make sure to register early to maximize your chance of getting into the workshop together.

If it is important for you to take classes together with your partner (or someone else), please tell us when you register. We will try to arrange this, but it might come at the expense of not getting your first path choice.

How Registration Works

  • Once registration is open you can register by clicking on one of the buttons below and filling out the registration form. Only register once! You will be able to indicate your interest in a different type of ticket if your primary choice sells out.
  • Filling out the registration form will log your request to attend The Blues Garden. You will receive an email acknowledging that we received your registration.
    • If a place is available, you will soon receive an email saying that you have received a ticket to The Blues Garden. This email also contains payment info.
    • If a place is not yet available, you will be added to the waiting list. When a place becomes available, you will receive an ticket offer and payment request email.
  • We must receive your payment within two weeks after we sent you the payment information. If we do not receive your payment, your ticket will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.
  • We will send you a receipt when your payment has been received. For reasons beyond our control, this receipt is in Swedish only. Look for the subject line “KVITTO från West Coast Jitterbugs” in your inbox! If you pay by Swedish bankgiro or by Transferwise, this will happen within one or two working days. It may take longer if you pay by bank transfer.