At the Blues Garden, we believe in breaking down barriers between people. That is why our classes will not be divided by levels of competence, but by areas of interest. When registration opens, you will be able to choose a path instead of a level. This format does however require that all participants meet a basic level requirement.

In every class you will be able to choose whether you want to lead or follow that particular hour. Our groups will be small, allowing you to get to know people better and our schedule will let you have classes with most of the other participants at the event.

Path of Crossroads — Different styles of dancing

The world is an incredible thing, lots of places to go, many sights to see, lots of people to meet, many cultures to greet. The Path of Crossroads, likewise, is a meandering one, winding this way and that, crossing tracks both old and new, exposing wanderers to a wide range of cultural, musical and historical influences.

Classes will explore different styles of dancing from various times in history and to different types of music.

Path of Clarity — Quality of movement

True connoisseurs of dance know that quality of movement, that control and clarity through every move, is what can turn a decent dancer into a stunning, awe-inspiring thing of beauty. That and years of dedicated training… The Path of Clarity sets you on the first step of this journey, exploring quality of movement and body mechanics, working through the physicalities of dancing, getting down and dirty with the nitty-gritty details of dancing.

Classes will focus on body mechanics, quality of movement and clear expressions in dancing.

Path of Collection — Moves and vocabulary

“A wild Fishtail appears!” Let fall those tears of joy and break out the PokeBalls. Gotta catch ‘em all! On the Path of Collection you will learn new material and variations, but don’t forget: To be able to catch those sweet new moves, you need a strong basic technique and a comfortable connection with your partner. And possibly a razz berry.

Classes will focus on expanding your vocabulary of moves and variations.

The Path of Connection — Partnership and communication

What would this life be without other people around us to inspire us, excite us, impact us and impress us, to embolden us or maybe even provoke us? Dull, drab, dry or dreary. Lackluster, lifeless, leaden or at least less interesting? The Path of Connection is for those who have realized the fundamental truth that in dance, as in life, connection is key.

Classes will focus on the we in your dance, on connection and communication and interaction within the partnership.

The Path of Creativity — Musicality and expression

The music is your guiding force, the hand that shows you the way through every slide, wiggle and dip, no matter what song is playing. Enter the Path of Creativity and listen to the beckoning of its captivating rhythms! Classes will focus mainly on music, musicality and unleashing your creativity.

Classes will focus mainly on music, musicality and unleashing your creativity.

The Path of Convenience — Slacker track

Too lazy to get up to your morning classes? Oh, did I say that out loud? I meant to say “do you want to dance ‘til closing time and not have to worry about sleep?”, of course. Take the Path of Convenience, where you only have one class per day in the evening or in the late afternoon. Ain’t that convenient?

Sleep longer in the morning, only two classes.


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